Many men fail to embrace their identity and mission in the family, in the Church, and in society

Little exists to aid them in genuine masculine character growth. An integral understanding of authentic manliness appears absent, and intelligible spiritual approaches for men seem wanting. While several men’s organizations exist to form men, frequently their leaders are poorly-trained and ill-equipped in their comprehension and application of even the basics of manly character and development.

Each year a group of experts in the field of men’s spirituality and character development assemble for the annual summit of the Masculine Genius Institute where presentations and discussions are conducted on the core elements of the masculine nature. The goal of this summit is to produce media resources for the Church which emerges from the research and findings to advance the integral development of manliness.

“Each annual summit of the Masculine Genius Institute will promote ongoing serious presentation and discussion of the masculine mission, identity, and journey, as well as the issues and challenges pertaining to the character growth and pastoral care of men.”

Lectures and discussions are conducted and presented from perspectives of anthropology, sociology, neurology, theology, and other fields.  Subjects presented treat core traits and habits that are needful to develop authentic Christian Manliness. Summit discussions include relevant contemporary issues and current challenges with sound masculine growth and integration.